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Voormanshuis at Creation Wines

The brief for the Voormanshuis, was to create a unique small weekend getaway for a couple and a space the CREATION WINES can use to entertain small groups. The site has no boundaries or buildings nearby and this was the point of departure for the unusual plan form.

The main characteristics of the immediate site are the rolling hills and the parallel textured lines of the vineyards following these hill forms. Views of the mountainous backdrop are framed by 2 large openings. When the building is viewed from the approach with the curved road below it and vineyards behind, the reason for this choice of form really becomes apparent.
The building forms are set in an interplay between the sheltered curved ‘pod’ and the angular deck with its wing roof that overlaps the pod. In the choice of materials there is a duality between the crisp plastered and painted internal finishes of the pod and the use of raw natural materials on the outside of the building.

Materials used on the exterior include off-shutter concrete, corrugated iron, bagged brickwork and sustainably sourced Eucalyptus timber. These invasive trees have been felled on farms in the area and used for the deck and roof structure as well as the slatted cladding to the exterior. This timber cladding mirrors the texture of the vineyards as they run across the hills.

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